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If you didn't get your email with the zoom link, check our facebook page or message the board@rinnvalleyranch.org
February 8th 2023 @ 7:00 pm MST via Zoom

In person at the park and via Zoom Meeting.  Private meeting details will be emailed to all Rinn Valley Ranch Homeowners.  If you do not receive an email or know you need to update your email address, please contact Board@RinnValleyRanch.org

Neighbors in the Park
Happy New Year Neighbors! We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and great start to the new year! We are going to try for a February Neighbors in the park. (weather & temperature permitting) Please join us Saturday February 18th @10 am for donuts and community togetherness.

Rinn Valley Ranch is going Modern!
January 6th, 2022

Rinn Valley Ranch is adopting an online HOA Management platform called "PayHOA".  The platform is designed to facilitate improved communications, requests, document storage, transparency and finally, Online payments & account management for Home Owners!

We have endeavored to pre-populate the PayHOA platform with all known email addresses associated with your Homes so that when you register for access, your information should already be present.  However, due to the previous method by which email address to homeowner information was being stored, there was room for errors.  We will get through that process together and ultimately everything should be much simpler and efficient for all of us.  We plan to send out a community-wide email blast providing registration instructions as well as an online method for paying this years annual dues, however, if you want to get ahead, please visit the below link.

If you believe that there is an error with your registered name or email addresses on file, please email Board@RinnValleyRanch.org right away and we'll get it corrected.

Homeowners can register immediately for access to the PayHOA platform at:  https://app.payhoa.com/auth/join/14370-rinn-valley-ranch-hoa

New Schedule of Fines
Please follow the link to view the document on the PayHOA platform.

We are looking for volunteers to be on the Design Review Committee and the Enforcement Committee.  If you can help with these important committees, please email the board Board@rinnvalleyranch.org.

Frequent Areas of Concern:
Ground Water Levels - 
***Update 7/21/2021***
The East pump experiencing difficulties was successfully removed on Wednesday evening and following testing & diagnostics on Thursday, it was found that the pump motors startup capacitor had failed.  This is very fortunate as capacitors are very inexpensive and easy to replace once the pump can be accessed.  That said, I have requested that we examine the feasibility of re-wiring the pump to make the capacitors externally connected and placed in the above-ground control box, thereby making them more serviceable for future failures.  (Capacitors have a limited lifespan, especially for hard-working single-speed electric motors that need to start and stop frequently.)  Our greatest challenge has been accessing the pumps when service is required and we are looking at various options to make them more easily and rapidly serviceable.  There are rapid removal systems available, however, the original size of the sump where the pump resides may preclude that type of enhancement.  However, the most likely cause of failure remains electrical, specifically the capacitors, so hopefully those can be easily re-wired for external access.

Expected re-installation of the pump and activation should be by next week, the week of 7/26.

Between seasonal irrigation of the farmland just south of RVR, homeowner watering and high levels of precipitation, ground water levels are higher than normal this time of year.  Individual sump pumps as well as the West main discharge pump are just keeping up with water levels.  However, the East main discharge pump is having some challenges which we are working on.  The HOA volunteers are handling de-watering the sump to allow for servicing by Pump technicians in an effort to reduce overall servicing and repair costs which includes operating gas pumps, continuous monitoring and refueling operations.

Town Park and Native Grass Areas - The Town of Frederick is responsible for the mowing and upkeep of the City Park and adjacent native grass areas as determined recently between a meeting of the Town maintenance team and the RVR Board of Directors.  The Town of Frederick maintenance team will be cutting back the Native Grass area on June 29th, 2021.  Typically, the native grass area vegetation will be taller as the intent of the Town is to permit those native plants to go to seed in order to prevent a die-off of the vegetation as that area is non-irrigated.  In general, the vegetation will be cut back every four to six weeks.

RVR Landscaped Areas - Wards Landscaping Services has been contracted to maintain the other landscaped areas which RVR is responsible for including the walking paths, sign area landscaping (West and South entrances), the ditches which traverse through RVR (Not the surrounding ditches which are privately owned.), and other common space landscaped areas.

Please contact the DRC via the PayHOA platform with all questions and requests. The link is above listed as Owner's Portal.

Landscape or Design PROJECT?? The Design Review Committee has 30 days to give notice of approval or denial of submissions.  If you have exterior changes that require DRC approval such as any construction, landscape or paint color changes or the installation of any structure, please submit your plans with the time line in mind.  You may also attend our monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month for immediate response.  

**It is the responsibility of the resident and/or owner to make sure the HOA board has your current e-mail address and mailing address if different than the home address. 

If you are not receiving a monthly e-mail from the HOA, please email us so we can verify your email address.