Catherine Linhardt
I am a teacher home for the summer and I am available for babysitting/nanny or tutoring within the neighborhood. 

Jacey Masson R.M.T.
Massage Therapist

*Graduate of the Denver School of Massage Therapy

Nathan Bailey- pet sitting, dog walking & babysitting

Responsible 7th grader available for pet sitting, dog walking and babysitting in the neighborhood.  Lots of experience from playing with and watching his younger cousins and his baby brother.


Monarch Preschool
Monarch Preschool offers a high–quality preschool program which provides each child a developmentally appropriate learning environment where individual emotional, health, and academic needs are met while encouraging individual personalities and talents to be recognized. Our program focuses on the natural ability of children to learn through play and exploration. Monarch Preschool is open to children ages 3– 5 years, A key component of the school’s success will lie in our ability to create a comfortable, child-centered environment for children of all ages. Children will spend two to three years in the same classroom, with the same teachers, and with children of multiple ages. This type of environment allows children of various ages to interact and learn from one another as typical growth progresses. Additionally, teachers become well acquainted with each child’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, and personalities. It also encourages a strong bond between teachers and parents. If you refer a friend, you will receive 50% off one month's tuition.

10346 Bedford St
Firestone, CO 80504