Enforcement Committee

If you wish to file a complaint with the board about an enforcement issue, please email the enforcement committee at enforcement@rinnvalleyranch.org. 

Enforcement Letters should be taken seriously. This is an effort for the HOA to keep everyone within the guidelines set forth in our covenants. If you have a question concerning your letter or the guidelines, feel free to contact the board.
*Please allow 2 business days for a response. Please be specific if filing a complaint with the board about an enforcement issue.

*All complaints and enforcement issues are kept confidential.

*If you are in violation with something in our covenants, you will receive a courtesy letter explaining your violation. Our enforcement committee will then watch your property during our by-weekly drive-bys. If you receive a violation letter, you have 15 days from the date of the letter to request a hearing from the board about the violation. You may do so in an email. You have 30 days to fix the violation. If the violation is observed after the deadline date, you will be issued a $25 fine. You may still request a hearing about the violation, but you will still be expected to pay the fine. Our hearings are usually an agenda item at the next board meeting.

 . If at any point of receiving letters you do not understand or agree with the violation, PLEASE contact the board – board@rinnvalleyranch.org.

The Enforcement Committee is responsible for enforcing all of the land use restrictions contained in the Project Documents and Declaration (per Sections 1.15 and 7.24 of the Declaration).

**Important things to remember:
  • Trash Cans need to be out of sight  with the exception of pick up day -Tuesday [Covenant 7.6]
  • All weeds should be removed from rock area and grass. Sprayed weeds need to be pulled. All weed refuge shall be removed from the property; tumbleweeds,etc. including the front ditch.
  • All 'wild grass' must be kept under 8 inches. 
  • House paint should not be peeling or faded; including paint on the front of your steps.